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The Pollen Bench is a personal response to a briefing proposed by french designer Matali Crasset. The briefing was to build a bench for the Marché Dauphine, in Paris, that takes nature as starting point and questions the subjects of community and cohabitation. The fundamental intention of the Pollen Bench is to provoke interaction between people through a physical approach. It is inspired by the pollination phenomenon, which consists on the transfer of pollen (e.g. by an insect) between plants with flowers as a means of reproduction of the species. Some plants developed mechanisms, such as “traps”, to enhance the effectiveness of the transfer. The use of a hammock in the Pollen Bench forces the physical contact whenever two people sit together through a mechanism similar to those used by flowers to trap, enhancing the possibilities of interaction between them. This way, it is a manifest against the passiveness we see nowadays of sharing a physical space without actually interacting with it and even with each other. It is a manifest against our dependence to virtual space and social media and our uncapability to do it in a primordial and natural level which physical space and, in this specific case, Marché Dauphine allows us to do.

Bench developed at a workshop directed by Matali Crasset in collaboration with the Spaces and Communication Master at HEAD-Genève, Switzerland

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