Alien Nation:
Parade 0

This is the representation of a model for politics. It is the first public manifestation of an ongoing project that deals with the social and political implications of the duality of the term "alien" (its legal use to describe foreigners or immigrants and its use in science fiction to denominate extraterrestrial creatures). Alien Nation has no territory other than the one defined by the gathering of its people, raising questions related to the individual and collective sense of belonging to a place or a culture. The form of a parade is used as a way to fuel happenings that gather Alien Nation's population and provide the space to discuss who we are and how we want to be seen. As alienated humans, we have been told we do not belong. But as sci-fi characters we have been told we came from Outer Space. So, as Aliens, we politely excuse ourselves from Earth and begin our journey to return to the home science fiction gave us, by establishing the Moon as our first step to the final frontier.