Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura is a self-initiated and experimental project which started with experiments in my room and soon enough I’ve started inviting myself into my friends houses and then to people’s houses in general through the internet to explore this optical technique that consists on the closing of rooms from all sources of light and the consequent projection of the street over the walls. After the first experiments I produced a fanzine with the pictures to distribute to friends. With that fanzine I went to the Libros Mutantes fair in Spain and through that I got invited to exhibit the pictures in the City Museum in Lisbon. The photographs taken on the 22 experiments made in Lisbon were on exhibition in the City Museum of Lisbon which consisted of 1 main room with 40 x 60 cm sized photographs in black wood frames, and 4 other rooms through the museum route with 30 x 40 cm photographs.