The Salvation of Gilles van Ledenberg

The Salvation of Gilles van Ledenberg was a response to a one-week workshop proposed by Krux members François Dumas and Gero Asmuth. The briefing was to consider the concept of Fortune, which in French and Italian assumes meanings such as luck or destiny, besides “richness”. I took as a starting point the story of Gilles van Ledenberg: a Dutch diplomat who, in the 17th century, was sentenced to death by hanging on the grounds of treason. In order to ensure his family wouldn’t lose his assets, he commited suicide before being killed. As a result, the Dutch authorities decided to hung him in is coffin. When looking at illustrations of the time, I associated the setting to the costume of the piñata. The piñatas were once a sign of good fortune, fertility and a symbol of release of all evils. This way, I connected my will to change Gilles van Ledenberg’s fortune in afterlife through the symbolic costume of the piñata.