Souvenirs of Places Never Visited –
The Moon

“What is it that makes us feel that we belong to a certain place?” This question introduces the analysis of the ways design can influence, create and reinforce feelings of self or collective identity. “Souvenirs of Places Never Visited: the Moon” focuses on how the commodified souvenir can condense and give shape to perceptions of identity, sometimes reduced to feelings of nationality, and analyses how visual strategies are so powerful to the point of creating collective identities to places that don’t exist or have never been visited, like the moon. In order to test out this possibility, it showcases a study around a possible souvenir from the moon that became a phenomenon in the beginning of the 20th century: the Paper Moon. To show both the research and the collection of Paper Moons gathered (more than 300), two books were designed: “Souvenirs of Places Never Visited: the Moon” and “Inventory of Paper Moons”.